Punk Rock

by ten arms

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recorded October of 2015


released October 30, 2015

All songs written and performed by Jonathon Grim



all rights reserved


ten arms

It's that guy who was in some bands in the 90's. Remember they played in Iowa mostly? You don't remember and now you'll never know. But there is this and it is just for you. Also I left Iowa a long time ago but that's ok because I still can find it on a map. Have Fun, OK? ... more

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Track Name: The Last Man
as the last man on earth smokes his last cigarette the ashes fall like metaphors the meanings of which he doesn't get the smoke leaves his lips and it's the same color as the sky the trees long ago gave up trying and died he lays on the ground accepting his fate the studs have fallen off his jacket and the patches are getting frayed his mind at ease his eyes slowly start to shut he thinks if i had to do it all again i'd probably still get that stupid haircut.
Track Name: In The TV
the anarchists are at it again at least that's what the man in the tv said they're trying to bring down the government so they are free to murder our children waiving their signs and chanting their slogans they set things on fire but not in a fun way like we do when the basketball team wins the communists are at it again at least that's what the man in the tv said they're trying to make sure poor children get fed and the sick ones have access to medicine i can not condone this line of thinking because someday i might be rich and i don't want my hypothetical millions used to cure your stupid sick kids oh what a wonderful could this would be if everyone would just listen to that beautiful man that's in the tv the antichrist is at it again at least that's what the man in the tv said he's trying to take away christmas and make all the pregnant ladies get abortions and make all the straight couples get divorced and force them to marry animals or men or women or trees because it's basically all the same thing.
Track Name: A Lady
i'm drawing a lady rendering an image an image on paper an image conjured a face created a composite of past and future strangers and acquaintances i'm drawing a lady i'm drawing a lady an image of beauty an image of strength an image of courage sketched in good taste pen to paper fingers to pen a message from my central nervous system i'm drawing a lady attention to detail each stroke with precision perfection flows from my pen my vision constructed