Songs About Satan

by ten arms

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released October 25, 2016

All songs written and performed by Jonathon Grim during the month of October of 2016
copyright 2016



all rights reserved


ten arms

It's that guy who was in some bands in the 90's. Remember they played in Iowa mostly? You don't remember and now you'll never know. But there is this and it is just for you. Also I left Iowa a long time ago but that's ok because I still can find it on a map. Have Fun, OK? ... more

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Track Name: Good Morning
good morning all my friends it's great to be alive today let's all thank the dark lord for all he's given us I'll call up all my buds do you think they make vegan goats blood we'll go out and we'll greet the friends we meet along the way good morning all my friends hail to the master of darkness now lets light the candles around the pentagram we drew on the floor we'll kneel before our altar a card table draped in velvet and we'll spread our peace and love throughout the world
Track Name: My Friends
Sittin' round, singin' songs about satan but it's gettin pretty late and all our spouses are tired of waitin to go home my how time has flown by i guess i shouldn't miss my ride home goodbye to all my lovely friends all my lovely friends would do anything for me and for the devil just as i'd do for them and the devil as well and when our bodies are dead and cold and lord satan claims our souls we'll meet up for eternity in a cosy corner of hell
Track Name: Sad Stop
every day the sky is grey the clouds they hover over my house the problems of the world they are much too heavy for me right now what can I do as my serotonin levels drop what can i do oh please satan make the sad stop I lay in my bed it feels like my brain wants to escape from my head my eyes won't close I cringe at every sound
Track Name: Love and Hugs
there are things that people say expressions born of ignorance hatred breeds more of the same nothing needs to be this way no one needs to feel ashamed open up your arms and fall into his fiery warm embrace we are equal in the eyes of demonkind don't be afraid satan loves you let him hug you